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While Nashville is renowned for its music scene and southern charm, there’s another facet of this city that often goes unnoticed by tourists – its stunning waterways. If you wish to explore the Cumberland River, there’s no better way than with a boat tour or river cruise. Luckily, Nashville is home to a wide variety of boat tours and river cruises.

To ensure you have a great time out on Nashville’s waters, the team at UrbanNashville has put together a guide on boat tours and cruises in the area. With this guide, you can plan a memorable outing out on the Cumberland River.

General Jackson Showboat

Hop aboard the General Jackson Showboat, a majestic paddlewheel riverboat, for a journey down the Cumberland River. General Jackson Showboat is one of the largest showboats ever constructed and has delighted Nashville tourists and locals alike since 1985. Offering daytime and evening cruises, the General Jackson provides a delightful blend of entertainment, dining, and sightseeing. Immerse yourself in live country music performances while indulging in southern cuisine. 

Pontoon Saloon

For a fun-filled and lively experience, the Pontoon Saloon offers party boat tours on the Cumberland River. Gather your friends, bring your favorite drinks, and let loose as you enjoy live music and dancing on this floating party. It’s the perfect way to celebrate special occasions like bachelor and bachelorette parties, but it’s also great to simply enjoy a carefree afternoon on the water. If you want a private tour, Pontoon Saloon will work with you to accommodate your needs.

River Queen Voyages

River Queen Voyages offers a wide variety of waterfront adventures, including river cruises, party pontoons, and guided kayak tours. No matter what type of vibe you’re looking for, River Queen Voyages has an offering perfect for you. If you opt for a kayak adventure, consider their four-person peddle kayak, which provides a unique and exciting experience that you won’t soon forget. As you paddle along, you might spot native wildlife and gain a deeper appreciation for the city’s beautiful riverfront.

Enjoy Comfortable Accommodations in Nashville

Nashville’s boat tours and river cruises offer a different side of the city, allowing you to experience its beauty from the serenity of its waterways. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner cruise or a lively party on a pontoon, Nashville has something to offer every traveler’s preference. 

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